Peer Rope Helsinki - on some Fridays
Check in on this page for news when corona restrictions change.


PEER ROPE STARTS 10th of September 19-21

Peer rope returns on September! Peer rope is held every two week in September and October, and every week in November. 

Peer rope palaa syyskuussa! Peer rope järjestetään joka toinen viikko syys- ja lokakuussa, ja joka viikko marraskuussa.



Peer rope online Spring party Friday 4th of June 7 PM to 9 PM EET
Peer ropen Kevätbileet perjantaina 4. kesäkuuta klo 19-21

Hello rope people!
You’re enthusiastically invited to kick off your summer holidays with us in our online Spring party on the 4th of June between 7 PM and 9 PM. We’re putting together an evening of ropey activities and hanging out with fellow enthusiasts. More on programming and how to join will be posted on our channels closer to the event, so stay tuned!
Registration for the event is already open: 


PEER ROPE ONLINE 12.2. 19-21

Join us for a 2 hour online peer rope event. One hour of chatting, one hour of peer practice. Come meet your fellow ropesters, share your knowledge and get inspired! 

Normal safer space guidelines apply.

Register to get zoom link:



Corona info:

- Registration for peer rope is mandatory. There is 10 spots for tying and 2 shifts during the evening. You can sign up for one or both shifts. Registration is free and payment will be done at the event. Registration opens one week before, you can find it here 

- Registration is done with an existing tying buddy or alone if you are tying yourself. Finding tying partners at peer rope is not possible at the moment. When booking a place for peer rope it includes you both if you come with a partner (so no need to book two separate ones).

- Bring your own ropes, other equipment and a blanket or similar to tie on top of. Peer rope provides suspension rings, but bringing your own is safer.

- Wash your hands often and well. We will desinfect door handles etc. Wearing masks is recommended when not tying or sitting down if keeping a safety distance is not possible. Keep a safety distance of at least 1,5 meters to other participants.

- Don't come to peer rope if you feel unwell.



Spring 2020 season 10.1.-22.5. Learn and get inspired in Peer Rope! 


Peer Rope is organized every Friday from 7 pm to 11 pm at Eskus (Sali I), Puhdistamo, Suvilahti, Helsinki. It's a relaxed peer learning space where we learn from each other. 

  • No registration needed
  • You can attend once, sometimes or every week
  • We have rope to borrow
  • You can attend regardless of experience level
  • You can hang out, have a coffee or tea and chat with people if you don't feel like tying

To ensure a safer space, we ask you to be on time. We will close the doors when the starting circle starts at 19.05 and will open them again after the introductions have been done.

Peer rope has a secret Facebook group. After you have attended your first Peer Rope send a message to the Helsinki Shibari organizer Ceci Ferox on Facebook to be a part of the group. If you have a friend already in the group, they can add you.

Are you a newbie?

Welcome to our colorful group! You can attend Peer Rope at any time. We also organize introductory classes before Peer Rope every ~3 weeks. The price of admission includes both the introductory class and Peer Rope. 

We recommend newbies arrive in the beginning of the night. We have an introduction circle and go through the code of conduct and other important information. If you can't make it to the starting circle, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. in advance.

You can always attend Peer Rope alone and find new friends when you get there. If you feel socially awkward, like many of us do, it's totally ok to bring someone you already know with you.

Introductory classes

Introductory classes are canceled during COVID. Usually they're held before Peer Rope at 5.30 pm to 6.30 pm


One admission: 6 €

5 times card: 25 €

10 times card: 40 €

The proceedings go to arranging Peer Rope and covering the rent of the space. All organizers are volunteers.

Theme nights  

10.4. Pain

22.5. Summer party - end of season

About photography and drawing nights

Photo & Drawing nights spring 2020: 24.1., 21.2., 20.3., 17.4. and 15.5.

On photo and drawing nights you're allowed to document your rope practice for your own needs, artistic purposes or the social media (tag #peerropehelsinki and @helsinkishibari! <3). Visual documentation is not allowed on other nights inside the practice room. Always ask for consent before taking a picture or making a drawing of a person or their belongings.

Are you a photograper or an artist interested in doing that artsy stuff at peer rope and document other people's rope journey? Contact us so we can let people know in advance.

Code of conduct

Peer Rope Helsinki is a safer space.

  • This is a safer space for all genders, sexualities, backgrounds, bodies, abilities and roles. Don’t assume others’ identity or history. Racist, sexist, homophobic or other oppressive behavior is not ok.

  • Respect others’ intimacy, personal space, boundaries, and closets. Don’t talk about who you saw doing what at the event.

  • Ask before touching people or their things.

  • Give people space when they are negotiating, playing, and doing aftercare.

  • No genital play, crotch rope is ok. We encourage all kinds of other play.
  • Photography is not allowed except on photo theme nights. Anyone has the right to voice their disagreement with taking photos in a space they are in. Only people who have consented to being in a picture should be visible in the picture.

  • Don’t drink (or use drugs) and tie.

  • If something doesn’t feel right, please speak up. Help eachother whenever needed. If you see something that looks dangerous, contact a staff member.

  • Share knowledge and get inspired!

Not following the code of conduct leads to: 1) a warning and a discussion, if continued 2) removing from the space and discussion, if continued 3) banning from the space.

The organizers of Peer Rope Helsinki have the right to change the code of conduct between gatherings. Organizers have the right to decide on additional penalties for not following the code of conduct when necessary. 

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