Helsinki Shibari Festival 2016 October 3.-9.

Helsinki Sibari Festival is a festival about japanese rope bondage (shibari/kinbaku). You can attend workshops with local and international teachers, attend tying jams, meet people, and play at the Lounge party.

There's workshops suitable for very different skill levels, we hope you find your own! Or just come hang out at the fish bowl discussion, Peer Rope, Lounge party, and post-festival chill-out.

Events during mon-thu take place in Käpylä, the venue will be announced to registered attendees (or ask This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). Events during the weekend happen at Esitystaiteen keskus, Suvilahti.

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  • 3.10. 6-8 pm Workshop with Sonja in Käpylä
  • 4.10. 6-8 pm Workshop with Ceci in Käpylä
  • 5.10. 6-8 pm Workshop with Nana in Käpylä
  • 6.10. 6 pm Fish bowl discussions for tops, bottoms and switches in Käpylä
  • 7.10. 7 pm Super big Peer Rope awesomeness! Suvilahti
  • 8.10. 11 am-5.30 pm Workshops with Barkas & Addie, Dasniya Sommer, and Hedwig in Suvilahti
  • 8.10. 8 pm-2 am: Rope Lounge Party - play party and open stage in Suvilahti
  • 9.10. 11 am-5.30 pm Workshops with Barkas & Addie, Dasniya Sommer, and Hedwig in Suvilahti
  • 9.10. 5.30 pm-> Post-festival chill-out and jam in Suvilahti



Buy tickets here

  • Festival pass 120 e/person (20 passes available) incl. all workshops and events.
  • Week workshop 10 e/person
  • Weekend workshop 40 e/person
  • Peer Rope 5 e/person
  • Lounge party 15 e/person



Barkas & Addie


Barkas is a bondage educator, performance artist, writer and event organizer currently living in Vancouver, Canada. He has a special focus on the implementation of various philosophical, sociological, physical, mathematical and historical ideas into my approach. 

A recent development for him is the metaphor of tying as an interview – a certain mind-set that can help to perfect one’s own style. Intellectuality and emotionality don’t contradict each other.

"I don’t tie people, I tie with them."

Addie is a switchey rope enthusiast who has been travelling and co-teaching with her partner Barkas since 2015. She has greatly enjoyed their adventures thus far, and is curious to see where this journey takes her next.


Dasniya Sommer & Lurian Nervkeks

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To my own surprise I became an international bondage star with my self-suspension solo Idiosyncrasy, and since than I worked in all kind of context from opera, puppet theatre to movies. I also keep on creating experimental (bondage) performances. 

I learned yoga from my father, which I practice until today and combine it with Shibari and dance. 

Teaching ropes at my Institut Sommer in Berlin, a laboratory for bondage, dance and art, to where I invite other artists. Always twisting the idea of bondage stereotypes I developed anarchic shibari, mixed it with butoh, animal characters, buddhist attitude, action painting and cable fixer installations. 

And I jumped into the gender dschungle and tried to get away from the male oriented perspective.

With ropes I started off about a decade ago. My teachers were Osada Steve, Kamijoo Saki, Matthias Grimme, Arisue Go, Kinoko and also the choreographer Frances d’Ath.

I always liked making things with my hands, so it came to me naturally to get in the active position. 

I wanted to learn how to tie with ropes, and it was somehow easy for me. And then came the macramé aspect. I liked the pretty decoration of bodies, spinning more and more knots between people. And it came together with my body history as a dancer: stretch and pain from ballet, minimal steps and backbends. And of course the drama. This was just the beginning of the path of the rope, my own Shibari Dô :)

Lurian Nervkeks is a puppeteer for living, volunteering enthusiastically  for rope performances with Institut Sommer, and enjoying the surreal land parties. Adding his weird poetry and stretching the borders of bondage.




Hedwig is a queer feminist, poly, switch femme, born and raised in Sweden. She is passionate about communication, rope bondage, safer sex and consent culture, about redressing notions of power, physical sensations, vulnerability, dominance and submission, gender and communities working together.

She hopes to bring rope bondage to a larger audience as a way to gain more body awareness, work on interpersonal communication and offer different routes to pleasure and surrender.

Hedwig is a former member of the crew of Peer Rope London, current member of the crew of Peer Rope Malmö, and founding member and grand poobah of Hitchin’ Bitches. Hitchin’ Bitches is an international network for female identified riggers and ropetops with over 40 chapters over the world.





We recommend you only attend workshops that correspond to your skill level. It is also a good idea to find a partner in advance as we can not guarantee you will find a partner at the festival.

Workshops happen in groups of 20-30 people. 


FULL Sonja: Feel the rope

Mon 18-20

New to kink and ropes? Confused in the jungle of new terms and roles you hear about? No worries, here is the perfect beginner-friendly workshop for you. 

In this workshop we will concentrate on how rope makes you feel. Instead of learning complicated knots, or being set in fixed roles, you will get the chance to try out different styles of moving your bodies with the help of rope, and time to reflect on how these movements make you feel. You might want to take a pen and paper with you to make notes!

Sonja first got introduced to ropes in late 2012, and started attending workshops in Helsinki to learn more about them. She soon discovered that she had a natural talent with both doing rope and teaching others. In a couple of years she proceeded to being a teacher at the very same classes she had first attended herself.

In 2015 she was invited to join the sEXHIBITION fair in Helsinki, where she got the chance to tell about rope to people from around the country.  

As a teacher her main focus is in finding out how different people learn, and adapting her teching methods to the pupil, helping them find out how they can best enjoy doing rope. Her own personal passion is selfsuspensions, but as a teacher she gets most joy out of introducing rope to new people and teaching beginners.

Experience level: No previous experience required.


Nana: Floor work flow

Wed 18-20

Want to level up your floor work tying? Wondering what to do when topping a rope session? How to reach the flow?

In this workshop we will focus on basic ways of moving the bottom's body and to work with balance. We will take a look what happens after you know some basic rope techniques and you are aware of your limits.

Experience level: Fluent single column tie, some basic rope technique you can work with (such as ladder/friction tie or pattern), honest willingness to communicate with your tying partner.


FULL Hedwig: Rope beyond restraint - introduction, ichi nawa

Sat 11-17.30 (incl. lunch break 13.30-15)

This course will give you an introduction to rope bondage; focusing specifically on communication, safety and simple ties that will be able to turn into something more than restraint. This class will also give you plenty of inspiration and is for you who would like to explore floor-work based, connective rope that moves and challenges both rope top and rope bottom through only exploring all the possibilites of one rope.

We are going to focus on the journey rather than destination and move away from the things that can distract us from what is most important; the mutual experience of rope. All of the elements will provide you with tools for future rope exploration and fun. We will focus on using all the properties of the rope and the bodies and emotions involved to bring out something truly special.

Experience level: No previous experience required.


Hedwig: Rope beyond restraint - freesyle floorwork, manipulation station

Sun 11-17.30 (incl. lunch break 13.30-15)

Bondage starts with the body, not the rope. It starts with the bodies of everyone involved. Get inspired to think outside of the mould of patterns and knots and instead thinking about it in a way to move with each other. Through some simple tips and tricks, we will see how a freestyle can flow from a basic one column tie through a set of easy ways of working with the friction of the rope.

The class will show and guide you in ways that you can manipulate and move as well as being more present and focused. Exercises open up the ways in which we move together and feel our bodies, regardless of what side of the ropes you are on.

This course will also introduce a couple of basic techniques and ties as well as develop existing knowledge.

Experience level: Solid one and two column ties OR taking the Rope beyond restraint - introduction, ichi nawa class, feeling comfortable about physical closeness



FULL Ceci Ferox: The 3 rope takate kote

Tue 18-20

Get your box tie in order! You will get feedback on your 2 rope TK and find possibilities with the third rope. We will also explore options for rope partners who have trouble keeping their hands behind their back.

Ceci is the award-winning (Kinkytekopalkinto 2015) founder of the Helsinki Shibari group, a kink activist, sex nerd and hardcore rope lover. She has taught from both a bottom's and a top's perspective in Finland and abroad. Ceci has taken classes and private tuition from skilled riggers from Europe, North America an Japan.

Ceci is currently rope-nerding out on communication, impulse-reaction, intuition, and creative suspension.

Experience level: you remember most of the 2 rope TK (box tie).


Dasniya Sommer: Japanese Dreams

Sat 11-17.30 (incl. lunch break 13.30-15)

We paint our face white and put some black in the corner of the eye. We have a lighthearted classical butoh-warm up.

Then we go into shibari, but into some advanced challenging poses for riggers and bunnies. Another inspiration comes ancient pictures, sounds and voices. You will already feel a "BUTOH" effect. I will provide you with some situations which match and prepare a little trippy experience.

In the afternoon we go deeper into the mindset of butoh and bondage. 

After this everybody will be totally relaxed and eager for the next. Mongolian midwife pucking, Saki Rucksack TK, and twisted suspensions from Tamandua.

In the end we might even combine individual situation to a kind of group-experience.

Great if you bring some decent costumes in a traditional japanese style - like kimono, geishalook, wigs, bulky nice tissue (fabric), bamboo sticks, etc.

Experience level: Great, if you know how to do TK easy and some suspension. 


FULL Barkas & Addie: Osada Ryu advanced, ranboo

Sun 11-17.30 (incl. lunch break 13.30-15)

This class focuses on various patterns such as Hojo Hishi Nawa (a type of traditional Japanese body harnesses with the use of “diamond forms”). The class points to the special interest in implementing the 9 gates of Osada Ryu in the way of how the patterns are applied.

In 2011, Barkas started to develop his personal way of doing ropes, which was very stormy and overwhelming. His Sensei Osada Steve called it ranboo and since then, this way of doing ropes became one of the well-known styles in the world of kinbaku. Within this class, the participants get a first insight into ranboo. Some key terms of ranboo, such as proper distance and proper intensity at the proper moment are the framework to tie in this way.

  • The 9 gates of the Osada Ryu
  • Details of the Takate Kote
  • Hishi Nawa or how to construct diamond and other forms
  • Hojo cuffs (a special way of tying the arms)
  • Key terms of Ranboo
  • How to start a scene
  • Madame Butterfly
  • Hojo Jutsu (some techniques to catch your partner)
  • Application of the principles of Ranboo
  • Tips and tricks for rope bottoming by Addie

Experience level: Takate kote.


Dasniya Sommer: Wellness to Torture

Sun 11-17.30 (incl. lunch break 13.30-15)

Besides learning the knots, qualitative aspects play a great role as well. How do I guide the rope in a sensual way, how can my partner, or I, travel through blissful states of rope drunkenness?

To arrive there, it requires some training for both sides, ..softly gently catchee monkey. Applying the three principles: the classical aesthetic, the sensual effect and a non-harming technique and philosophy, is the goal. They fuse the visual, tactile, and playful level into an adventurous ritual.

At the first part of the workshop I will start the class with a lighthearted rope play warm up and movement in ropes. Then I go an introduction of a half-suspension play and "creative torture". We will find out, what your individual formula is for the Sweet and the Whip.

At the second part of the workshop we will do some one-rope warm up. Then we go a continuation of Saki -technique, combining with some Yukimura -technique and a mix of tying modules I have developed. That means we will do suspensions and we will try some interesting progressions and as typical for Saki: we will add some sensations. Step by step we will increase the intensity.

Please bring own ropes, suspension equipment and clothes that you can tie and be tied in comfy.

Experience level: Great, if you know how to do Takate kote (box tie) easy and some suspension.



FULL Barkas & Addie: Suspensions & Differential Geometry for Rope Bondage

Sat 11-17.30 (incl. lunch break 13.30-15)

Suspensions (Jap: Tsuri/zuri) are spectacular and they can provide a complete new mind set to the tied as well as to the tying person. This class includes various positions in suspensions with a focus on rope handling and smooth work. This enables the participants to use suspensions for different purposes within their play.

This class is perfect for people with a strong interest in mathematical, physical and engineering contexts of Rope Bondage. Reflecting on these contexts can help in understanding the structure of certain patterns. It also can help to increase the ability to handle the rope on a body.

  • Curved and flat spaces. A very short introduction into differential geometry.
  • Angles on curved spaces. Where to put the fingers when.
  • Knots and topological equivalence. Different “hitches” and their use
  • Forces and their direction. Frictions and suspension lines.
  • Aomuke zuri (face up suspension)
  • Gyaku ebi zuri (face down, legs bend to the back)
  • Sakasa zuri (head down/inversion)
  • Tips and tricks for rope bottoming by Addie

Experience level: Takate kote, suspension uplines.



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